Digital Dental X-rays

Hillcrest Dental Digital X-Rays


Cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT) shows the body's interior structures as a three-dimensional image. CBCT is often performed in a hospital or imaging center but is increasingly used in the dental office to identify facial bone problems, such as tumors or fractures. CT scans are also used to evaluate bone for dental implant placement and complex tooth extractions to avoid possible complications during and after surgical procedures.

Panoramic (Panorex) X-rays

3D Printing

Dr. Kasimi is committed to a digital workflow, with the use of 3D printers, Dr. Kasimi can print and fabricate ClearStraight, Hillcrest's own brand of clear orthodontic aligners. We also print study models, surgical guides, occlusal guards, and dentures.

iTero Scanner

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